After the computer test, in addition to the obtained result, we perform the recommendation system.
Recommendations for software has to solve the most common problems by e.g. installing latest drivers, setting the appropriate amount of cache, increase free disk space, change color depth, resolution etc.
The program finds these fundamental issues and proposes solution.


Catzilla Benchmark software recommendations

Another type is a hardware recommendations

Catzilla on the basis of the users' results proposes replacement of computer components to speed up computer performance.
You get information that replacing a component (such as a graphics card) to the better one, quoted in the statement, you'll get result growth in the test. In addition, you'll get the price of a component on eBay.
Ultimately, we gonna give you not only the price and the value of which the result will be improved, but also you 'll get redirection to the nearest service point where you will be able to buy and replace that part.

Catzilla Benchmark hardware recommendations

How does it work?

Imagine that X has the same computer as yours, except that it has a better graphics card.
You performing a test get reliable information, that having the same computer as X, and replacing the graphic card to the same as his, you'll get the same increase in performance.
Of course, the number of suggestions/recommendations depends on how many people perform our test. The more tests is done, the more we'ill have recommendations for new users.
If it happens that at the moment we do not have a recommendation for you, please check even after a week again, because our test database is growing every day by thousands of new computers.