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Test Type: 720p
Main Test: 12697
Physics (CPU): 621
Fur (GPU): 1136
Fluid (GPU): 987
Raymarch (GPU): 391
Loading time (ms): 22008
Date: 2018-12-09 21:50:38
From Version: 1.3
Graphics card
Chipset ATI/AMD Radeon HD 7990
Card ASUS HD7990
Clock 1000
Mem Size 3072
Mem Clock 1500
Driver Version 25.20.14011.10001
Driver Date 30-11-2018
MultiCard 2x CrossFire
Name Intel Core i5-3570
Clock 3400
Clock used 4081
Laptop/Notebook no
Computer Name GIGABYTE
Operating System Microsoft Windows 8 Single Language (x64) Build 9200
OS Service Pack
Motherboard Model GIGABYTE Z77MX-D3H
Memory Size 10199
Memory Clock 816
Memory Timing 10.0-10-10-25
Memory Type
Memory Manufacturer
Desktop Resolution 1920x1080
Disc Model ST1000VX000-1CU162
Disc Capacity[GB] 1000
Disc Rotation 7200
Disc Cache[MB]

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