Can I Run This Game

Can I run a game: Battlefield 1 ?

Battlefield 1 takes you back to The Great War, WW1, where new technology and worldwide conflict changed the face of warfare forever. Take part in every battle, control every massive vehicle, and execute every maneuver that turns an entire fight around. The whole world is at war - see what's beyond the trenches.

Can I run a game: Osiris: New Dawn ?

Osiris: New Dawn is set in the year 2046, in which humans are starting to venture into interplanetary travel. The player is sent to the Gliese 581 system by the United Nations of Earth (U.N.E.) as a member of the second colonization team. The team is sent out to study the planets to see if they are habitable. The spacecraft malfunctions due to the light speed travel and crashes onto a deserted planet, which will become the player's starting planet. In order to survive, the player must build a base while trying to prevail over the "unpredictable weather conditions".

Can I run a game: Forza Horizon 3 ?

Forza Horizon 3 is an open world racing video game developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The game features cross-platform play between the two platforms. The game was released on 23 September 2016 for "Ultimate Edition" players, and 27 September 2016 for standard and "Deluxe Edition" players. It is the third Forza Horizon and ninth instalment in the Forza series.